"Alice Korngold's Israeli Sustainability Tour, launch of "The Sustainability Code



We, at CSRI, are very happy and thrilled to facilitate Alice Korngold's Israeli Sustainability Tour, June 14-15. During this special series of events we will launch The Sustainability Code, a leading sustainability methodology for business.

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Tuesday – 14/6

09:00-11:00 @ the Council for a Beautiful Israel (TLV)

Meeting with Israeli NGOs

Alice Korngold – "The challenges for NGOs of accepting business managerial involvement"


14:00-15:30 @ Intel (Petah-Tikva)

Meeting with business executives

Alice Korngold- "The right way to intervene, how can and should business managers help NGOs address their organizational challenges"


16:30-19:00 launch event: "The Sustainability Code" in Hebrew @ Goldfarb Seligman (Tel Aviv)


  • Prof. Moshe Cohen Eliya, President, the College of Law & Business
  • Tanja Hutt, Head of the Economic and Commercial Department. The German Embassy Tel Aviv
  • Adv. Idit Reiter, Partner and Head of Environmental and sustainability Department, Goldfarb Seligman


  • Liad Ortar, Manager of the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) – Presenting the Hebrew translation of "the Sustainability Code"
  • Alice Korngold – "Sustainability Challenges for the global business sector-confronting transparency, accountability and trust in the age of data availability and social networks"


Wednesday 15/6

17:00-19:00 @ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Sustainability Master Class – (Building 15, room 300)

Alice Korngold- Why should management students even care about Sustainability?

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(participation will be possible only after receiving confirmation)

For further information: Liad Ortar, liad.ortar@gmail.com 
ההשתתפות בכל אחד מהאירועים מותנית בקבלת אישור מוקדם!

Our partners in organizing the tour:

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