The Israeli Society for CSR and Business Sustainability


The Israeli Society for CSR and Business Sustainability (ISCBS) is officially launched!


We are extremely proud to announce the establishment of the Israeli Society for CSR and Sustainability. It is an academic society that will promote these two important fields of teaching and research in the Israeli Academia.


Ramat Gan, February 7, 2018   


We, a group of researchers and practitioners, have decided to establish the Israeli Society for CSR and Business Sustainability (ISCBS). Our Society’s goal is to promote research, improve the quality of education, conduct conferences and seminars, release publications, and to generally work on the distribution of research-based knowledge to stakeholders. Our target audiences are primarily students of all degrees, including research students. We are also targeting scholars and lecturers, consultants, businesses and corporations, civic organizations, such as employee organizations, and lastly, governmental ministries and institutions. 


This society is unique in that it is the first of its kind in the Israeli academia. The Society will host students and scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, among them economics, business management, sustainability, law, sociology, public policy, and philosophy.


Our leading team: President - Prof. Oren Perez (Bar Ilan Uni), VP - Dr. Orr Karassin (Open Uni), GS - Liad Ortar (Haifa Uni, CSRI), Prof. Ofira Ayalon (Haifa Uni), Prof. Gal Raz (CLB) Dr. Yotam Lurie (Ben Gurion Uni), Dr. Daniel Mishori (Tel-Aviv Uni), Dr. Inbal Avbbu (Kibbutzim College), Dr. Taliya Aharoni (Tel-Aviv Uni & The College of Management).





Although there are great positive developments in CSR in Israel, in general, CSR has not yet received it's full and adequate public attention and support. The topics of CSR and business sustainability are complex ones, as they are interdisciplinary. Although they are central to the fabrics of society, they are still not central to the foundations of major research disciplines. CSR and sustainability are not yet one of the core themes within business management research, law, sociology, etc. For example, in business management, still, aspects such as financing, marketing, leadership, and innovation are the dominant focuses in research and teaching.


In the business world, the situation is similar- the majority of corporations still believe that their only obligation is to maximize the value of their shares for shareholders. In order to try and face these kinds of challenges, we must try and establish an overall system that encourages businesses to adopt approaches of CSR, we need to grant the leaders of tomorrow the tools and knowledge for how to behave ethically and to maximize their positive involvement in societal and environmental issues. Through the activities of the ISCBS, we will develop advanced teaching materials, promote research, and engage students in practical work focused on CSR and business sustainability. 


For further information please contact:

Liad Ortar 

General Secretary, ISCBS