The Center for Sustainability Reports Assurance

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The Center for Sustainability Reports Assurance (CSRA) is a unique initiative that will operate as a global service center for non-financial assurance & auditing projects. CSRA is operating in the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) in The College of Law & Business in Israel. Acting under the auspices of an academic institution helps the CSRI to uphold its independent and professional status. The CSRI promotes a vast range of innovative research, instruction and public discourse to explore these perceptions and discover the common ground between academia, business sector, and society. We are looking for collaboration in CSR research projects.
The CSRA is headed by Mr. Liad Ortar. Mr. Ortar is an experienced CSR practitioner and a leading figure in the CSR arena in Israel. He was the one who brought the GRI Reporting Guidelines to the Israeli market and was engaged in numerous CSR consultancy projects and sustainability reports writings. Mr. Ortar will be assisted by a team of scholars, lawyers, accountants, and students. Mr. Ortar is a  AA1000 licensed assurance provider No' 000-152



Sustainability (non-financial) reports are where companies are expected to reveal and share their achievements and performances in implementing the environmental and social approach. The reports are still not mainstream in most of the business around the world but it is getting a continuous push from various sectors, including the public sector and the regulatory one that expects business to alter their behavior in face of the current environmental and social crisis.


CSR reporting is only one side of the story; the other side is building trust in what companies publish. Whereas corporate reports are often regarded as Greenwash, in some corporations it is clearly not the case. We believe it is time to set up the methods and tools that will help both corporations and the public regain trust in each other.


The desired way in doing so is by adding an independent professional non-financial assurer to the reporting process e.g. adding an Assurance Statement to the report. Non-financial assurance is a brand new occupation and expertise. Just as an accountant is expected to have great financial auditing skills, it is similarly expected that a non-financial assurer will know his way around environmental and social issues.


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